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Owning a home is every person's dream and at Dhaara Estate we are committed to making your dream come true with our reliable services.
Dhaara Estate is a property dealer and an estate broker of Ahmedabad who deals in all types of properties like flats, offices, showroom, lands, Industrial Site etc.We assist and provide you with the best sale, resale and rental service in Ahmedabad. We have independently surveyed and adjudged the most preferred property sites in Ahmedabad.

At Dhaara Estate, we make it easier for you by locating properties of your interest and source information on the real estate front in a transparent and unequivocal manner. We work with a team of highly experienced and trained staff members who are well –versed in their desired roles and therefore, help you assist in every way. We provide best services on the small commission basis. We help you by providing you with a wide number of options for your dream space whether for your house, office, showroom etc. We go through each and every minute detail of what you want or what is your requirement, also, keeping in mind your vision and your budget.

We have always strive hard to provide 100 percent customers satisfaction by providing our esteemed customers with the best and with the desired results they are looking out for at cost-effective prices.
Hence, we are trustworthy and reliable property dealers and estate brokers of Ahmedabad.
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 omprakash tripathi md of dhaara esate
Mr. Omprakash Tripathi
Shri Omprakash Tripathi, the Managing Director of Dhaara Estate entered real estate sector after completing his education. With about 12 years of experience, he has executed various real estate projects. A visionary and scholar by nature, Shri Tripathi under the banner of his company heavily invested in the real estate sectors of Gujarat, Mumbai, and Delhi. Under his guidance, the company won many prestigious contracts. His tenure as MD of Dhaara Estate saw the unprecedented boom in real estate. His company was actively engaged in buying, selling and renting of property in major metro cities of India. Today Dhaara Estate also provide expert professional advice on property related matters and drafts commercial deeds & documents thus saving clients from various hassles.

In addition to real estate sector, Omprakash Tripathi is arduously involved in numerous social causes. A philanthropist by nature, Shri Tripathi had dedicated himself to the welfare of people. He regularly contributes to various NGOs and charity organization and actively participates in various welfare programs.